Judy Rogan

In 2009 Judy Rogan picked up a paintbrush and her life, as well as the Grand Junction, Colorado art scene, hasn't been the same.

She was recently honored with the winning painting called "Tipsy Trails" for the Colorado Mountain Winefest poster. Judy is also in demand as an animal character artist and has been featured on the Roice Hurst Humane Society fund raising wine label in 2012.

Judy comes from an artistic family and already had a successful career in interior design. One day she decided to experiment with paint and it released a hidden talent as well as a whole new can of worms! Bright ones! Starting with oils and dabbling in watercolors she currently prefers painting with acrylics for their fast drying, bright colors and translucency. The whimsy and joy that Judy feels when she paints is clearly reflected in her work. She paints the "stuff of life" that make her smile: pets, flowers, desserts, wine and bicycles are common themes. Her titles reveal that same humor and warmth; naming her creations "Ghostess Cupcake", "Shoesie Whatsies", and "Grapes of Mirth" which evoke a chuckle.

"You act like you've been struck by lightning!" was her husband's comment one day as the music blared and the paint flew! But oh, is she having fun, as are all who view and purchase her pieces. You can "like" her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JudyRogan to check out what's happening with her..

Information taken from

Redstone Art Gallery webpage

More of Judy's art can be found online at Fine Art America.